Marissa Seminick       Class of 2020     Rochester Area High School, Rochester, PA      3.8 GPA

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Marissa Seminick, and I am currently a sophomore at Rochester Area High School in Rochester, PA, as well as a Level 10 at Perfect 10 Gymnastics in Ambridge, PA.

Marissa Seminick        email: [email protected]

Perfect 10 Gymnastics

2814 Duss Ave.

Ambridge, PA 15003

Head Coaches- Heather Yeck and Melissa Yeck

[email protected]

Current Level: 10


Floor: double pike; double back; RO 1 1/2-front layout; switch-side; Popa; 1 1/2 turn

Working: full-in; dbl layout; front layout 1/1; double turn

Beam: BHS-layout-stepout; side somi; front tuck; switch leap-straddle jump; RO 1 1/2 dismount

Working: RO double-back; BHS- LOSO-LOSO

Vault: Yurchenko Layout

Working: Yurchenko 1/1

Bars: Toe to HS; Pak Salto; Toe to High; pirouette; dbl back

Working:full-in dismount


2016-2017 Level 10 State Qualifier; 13th on Vault  

2015-2016 Level 9 State and Regional Qualifier

                   8th on Floor, Regionals

2014-2015 Level 9 State and Regional Qualifier

2013-2014 Level 8 State and Regional Qualifier